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Israel Englander extends lock-up period

Israel Englander extends lock-up period could be yet another bearish indicator that this aging bull market and the economic cycle may have peaked. Israel Englander, Millennium fund which profits from high-frequency trading (HFT) and Citadel are two funds that have managed to stand apart from the “deplorable 2 and 20 herds”. This is where hedge fund managers charge 2% management fees on top of 20% on the profits they generate. But that is little beer, compared to James Simons Renaissance Technologies HFTfund which creams 40% of investors winnings. So now you know why the hedge fund bosses are starting...

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Israel Englander – Investor Profile

Israel Englander (1948 New York City, US), is a hedge fund investor and a self-made billionaire with a Net Worth $5.2 billion USD (2017). Israel Englander is the 91st richest man in the US and the 8th highest earning hedge fund manager in 2016. Englander came from a humble background (his family was not wealthy). He was raised in a religious Jewish Orthodox home. His parents were immigrants from Poland who arrived in the US in 1947 after being deported to a Soviet labor camp after the war. On his father side, the entire family was murdered during the...

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Dan Loeb turns bearish

Dan Loeb turns bearish, according to his latest letter to investors. Dan Loeb billionaire investor and founder of Third Point (whose AUM at June 30 was $17.7 billion) has joined a growing list of elite Wall Street titans who have become risk-averse and net sellers of stocks. “Dan Loeb turns bearish is a growl that might be worth taking seriously”   Dan Loeb turns bearish is a growl that might be worth taking seriously For the last few years, Dan Loeb was managing his $17.7 billion dollar fund as an ardent risk on bull. Dan Loeb was one of...

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