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Darren Winters – Investor Profile

Darren Winters is a great example of what someone can achieve, by studying and mastering the strategies of the best traders and investors in the World. Having no formal background in investing, his approach was to learn directly from the best in the World, and by doing so, he rapidly became a World class investor himself. Darren Winters learnt 1 to 1 from Larry Williams (World Trading Champion), Lewis Borsellino, John Bollinger plus many other top investors, as well as attending training courses and reading several hundred investment books. Darren became an investment multi-millionaire in a relatively short period...

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Christopher Hohn – Investor Profile

Christopher Hohn (October 1966 Addlestone, Surrey) is an English investor, hedge fund manager. Net worth: 2.1billion USD (2017) Forbes In 2016, Forbes listed Chris Hohn as one of the 25 Highest-Earning hedge fund managers in 2015. His total earnings of $250 million rank him the 12th among the 25 top earning hedge fund managers. Hohn didn’t come from your typical financial background. His father Paul was a Jamaican-born car mechanic of European descent who moved to Britain in 1960, and his mother was a legal secretary from East Sussex. Christopher Hohn was academically inclined at school. He gaining 13...

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Michael Platt – Investor Profile

Michael Platt (12 December 1968, Preston, Lancashire) a UK investor, hedge fund manager Net worth 4.5 billion USD (2017), according to Forbes. Michael Platt is the co-founder and managing director of BlueCrest Capital Management, Europe’s third-largest hedge-fund firm. BlueCrest Capital Management is an alternative asset management business founded in 2000 and based in Jersey. Michael Platt studied Civil Engineering at Imperial College London and after a year, he switched to Mathematics and Economics at the London School of Economics. Platt started in the City after his grandmother gave him some shares to investors. Michael Platt joined JP Morgan in...

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Bill Miller’s 30% Stock Market Melt-Up

Legendary investor Bill Miller (estimated personal net worth $1 billion and a member of the propeller set) has taken to the stage to outline what he believes could trigger a 30% stock market melt-up. Bill Miller’s 30% stock market melt-up is a contrarian view, bearing in mind that a growing number of investors believe the current bull market is akin to the decadence of the 1920s as portrayed in the Great Gatsby. Bill Miller believes a 30% stock market melt-up could be triggered   Here’s the common narrative for those of you who haven’t been following it; The view...

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Bill Miller – Investor Profile

Bill Miller (1950, Laurinburg, North Carolina, US) is best known for beating the market for 15 straight years while at Legg Mason. Only about 1 in 5 managers surpassed index returns in 2016. Bill Miller’s opportunity Trust fund this year is up nearly 14 percent, about double the S&P 500 putting it in the top 1 percentile in its category. Miller served as the chairman and chief investment officer of Legg Mason Capital Management as well as the principal portfolio manager of the Legg Mason Capital Management Value Trust. Bill Miller earned an economics degree from Washington and Lee...

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