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George Soros Trumped by the Trump Trade

Legendary investor, George Soros throws the towel in betting against the Trump Trade (defined as a surge in US stocks due to Congress making pro-growth initiatives). George Soros has been trumped by the Trump Trade. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance, indeed 2017 has been a year where many legendary investors and established money managers are not coming up trumps, they too have been trumped by the Trump Trade. Bond king Bill Gross did just OK in 2017. Rothchilds RIT Capital Partners Funds cautious approach and aversion to risk also meant that it most likely underperformed this...

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Is Mike Novogratz Calling it a Top in Cryptocurrencies?

Has Mike Novogratz called it a top in cryptocurrencies? Mike Novogratz (personal net worth 1.5 billion USD with approximately 20% of it held in digital assets) announced this month the delayed launch of his cryptocurrency Galaxy fund which was scheduled to be launched December 15, 2017. “We didn’t like market conditions and we wanted to re-evaluate what we’re doing… I look pretty smart pressing the pause button right now,” said Mike Novogratz. “We didn’t like market conditions and we wanted to re-evaluate what we’re doing” MIKE NOVOGRATZ Perhaps the likes of bitcoin have gone to the moon and back...

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George Soros – Investor Profile

George Soros (born on August 12, 1930), Budapest, Hungry. George Soros is undoubtedly one of the world’s most successful investors. Soros has a net worth of $25.2 billion making him one of the 30 richest people in the world. But George Soros is somewhat of a controversial character (it has been alleged that some of Soros’s “charities” are undercover operations which are intended to destabilize countries. Russia has banned Soros’s charity claiming it to be a “security threat”. George Soros has had a disturbing start to his early life which could have left him scarred for life, it has...

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Bill Gross Believes It’s The Market’s Last Dance

Bill Gross fund manager, and co-founded Pacific Investment Management Co. PIMCO’s with $1.51 trillion in assets under management is somewhat bleak about the market’s outlook. For Bill Gross, it’s the market’s last dance. “The stock market is like an old age retirement community” “The stock market is like an old age retirement community” BILL GROSS The mega fund managers believe that the stock market’s best days are behind it as central banks take away their high levels of stimulus. So for Bill Gross it the market’s last dance because there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. “Prior market...

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Has Warren Buffett Value Investing Lost It’s Mojo?

Rumour has it that the legendary value investor Warren Buffett will soon hang his hat up. Warren Buffett is expected to retire from Berkshire Hathaway with Matthew Rose, executive chairman of Fort Worth-based BNSF Railway C tipped to succeed the famous value investor. Perhaps Warren Buffett’s imminent departure underscores the mood of current value investors, their repugnance for this stock bull market by default which bears little or no correlation with corporate earnings or fundamentals. But if the fundamentals have become irrelevant then so too has value investing. At Berkshire’s annual meeting in May, Buffett admitted that he “blew...

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