Bill Ackman plugs Dimon for POTUS in his latest wordy tweet where he takes to the twittersphere to promote CEO of JP Morgan Jamie Dimon for 2024 US president.

“Jamie Dimon is one of the world’s most respected business leaders. Politically he is a centrist. He is pro-business and pro-free enterprise, but also supportive of well-designed social programs and rational tax policies that can help the less fortunate. He is extremely smart, thoughtful, and pragmatic, and he knows how to bring opposing parties together. He is highly respected by the Right, the Left, and the Center,” tweeted Bill Ackman 

“Jamie Dimon is one of the world’s most respected business leader”


Jaime Dimon is a unifying figure in a polarizing world, which could be why Bill Ackman plugs Dimon for POTUS

The left-right paradigm divides America at home, and a neoconservative foreign policy is accelerating a multi-polar world, creating geopolitical turbulence. POTUS, with centric ideologies, could be a unifying force, domestically and internationally, that benefits humanity. When people do not fight each other, they are trading. 

The European continent evolved from centuries of blood-drenched wars to a 16.6 trillion dollar trading bloc. A force that destroys trade promotes wars. 

Dimon reiterated his view that “business can be a force for good,” and said he’s an American patriot who would follow the US government: “Everyone knows I am a patriot,” he said. “I am a red-blooded, full-throated, free enterprise capitalist,” he said in March. 

“Everyone knows I am a patriot”


Bill Ackman plugs Dimon for POTUS tweet continues;

“Jamie is beloved by his 240,000+ employees, highly respected by our military, as well as by the global political and business leaders that matter. He has superbly managed JP Morgan through every crisis and built the best, largest, global financial institution working for clients from startups and mom and pops to global institutions and countries. 

Our country is at risk with $32T of debt with no end to massive deficits in sight, heading into a recession at a time of great political uncertainty.

We need an exemplary business, financial, and global leader to manage through what is likely to be a critically important decade for our country in determining our destiny,” he tweeted. 

“I love my country, and maybe one day, I’ll serve my country in one capacity or another” – Jamie Dimon

Dimon’s comprehension of the war in Europe is deep

This is a major land war in Europe on a free and democratic nation. 

There are hundreds of thousands of casualties on both sides,” Dimon added, “It is the most important geopolitical thing we have had to deal with since world war 2.”

We do not know how it will end or what direction it will take, and it is affecting global relationships, so there is Ukraine and Russia. Higher oil, gas, and food are hurting poorer countries and roiling trade relationships with America, China and the rest of the world.

“Problem with economic forecasting is Russia Ukraine, the history of wars is unpredictable,” said Dimon.  

He suggests dialogue and better diplomacy to resolve the war. 

Bill Ackman plugs Dimon for POTUS as the next white knight

But will Dimon, after gobbling up small regional banks, the second worst banking crisis in US history, actually want the job?   

“I love my country, and maybe one day, I’ll serve my country in one capacity or another,” said Dimon.

“I am not going to go for public service. I love what I do here,” said Dimon in March 2023.  

The JP Morgan Epstein scandal could be a thorn in Dimon’s running.