Israel Englander (1948 New York City, US), is a hedge fund investor and a self-made billionaire with a Net Worth $5.2 billion USD (2017).

Israel Englander is the 91st richest man in the US and the 8th highest earning hedge fund manager in 2016.

Englander came from a humble background (his family was not wealthy). He was raised in a religious Jewish Orthodox home. His parents were immigrants from Poland who arrived in the US in 1947 after being deported to a Soviet labor camp after the war. On his father side, the entire family was murdered during the Nazi Holocaust.

Israel Englander showed an interest in stocks at an early age. He began trading stocks in high school. In 1970 he graduated from New York University with a B.S in finance. He later enrolled in New York University’s MBA program in the evenings but never completed the degree.

Englander started his career working full time at the Wall Street firm Kaufmann, Alsberg & Co.

In 1977 he purchased a seat on the exchange and formed a floor brokerage house called, I.A. Englander & Co. Today, he still owns a passive interest in the firm.

Israel Englander’s career had its ebbs and flows.

In 1985, Israel Englander and his partner John Mulheren Jr. started an investment firm called Jamie Securities Co. with a $75 million investment from the wealthy Belzberg family of Canada.

But with scandals surrounding the firm, it would be dissolved just three years later.

In 1989, he founded his hedge fund, Millennium Management, with Ronald Shear. The fund was started with $35 million in seed capital and as of February 2017, the fund has $34.77 billion in assets under management.

Millennium has more than 2200 employees in more than 12 offices around the world.

Israel Englander showed an interest in stocks at an early age. He began trading stocks in high school…

Hedge fund investor and a self-made billionaire with a Net Worth $5.2 billion USD (2017).


The Millennium fund profits from high-frequency trading. The fund holds thousands of investment positions and makes over 2 million trades on an average day. So bot traders (nonhuman traders) must be executing many of those trades.

Investment strategies include statistical arbitrage (quantitative analysis); fundamental long-short pairing; merger arbitrage (taking advantage of price differentials between a buy-out target company’s stock price and bid price) and convertible arbitrage (exploiting price differentials between a company’s stock price and convertible bond or stock warrant price.

Here’s a chair and computer — go trade – Israel Englander


The masters and moguls on Wall Street shun the limelight, they tend to be secretive, they avoid the press, shy away from public appearances and like to keep themselves out of the public eye.

Israel Englander is no different. He gives no interviews. But he once describes himself as “a yeshiva kid from Brooklyn”. (Note a recurring theme. Could the book entitled, “The Investing Code: Ancient Jewish Wisdom for the Wise Investor” by H. W. Charles provide investors with a heads-up?)

Name me another industry in the world that has a management fee like this. If a manager has skin in the game, why would he create larger costs that are unnecessary – Israel Englander


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