Marc Faber’s outlook is predictably bearish. 

The renowned global investor and author of The Gloom, Boom & Doom report believe that investors would make more money in Emerging Markets than in the US over the next few years. 

“If you are a prudent investor, then you are not going to make a lot of money in equities over the next three years” said Marc Faber in an interview with ET Markets.

Here is Ray Dalio’s LinkedIn post published on October 23, 2017, entitled Our Biggest Economic, Social, And Political Issue. The crux of Dalio’s piece is that a widening wealth gap and income inequality have contributed to a two-tier economy which is also causing social and political challenges. But is Dalio shedding light on anything new, after all just 8 men own the same wealth as half the world?

“If you are a prudent investor, then you are not going to make a lot of money in equities over the next three years”


Marc Faber’s outlook is particularly optimistic for precious metals

The long-time gold bug is recommending investors to start accumulating gold from a long-term perspective amid global growth concerns and heightened trade tensions. Faber is forecasting gold price to rise about 20 percent over the next 2-3 years.

“Gold is not an industrial commodity and it does not depend on demand from China. It depends on investor sentiment towards gold and central banks’ monetary policies. If they print money, then it is likely that the price of the yellow metal will go up in the long run, while in the short run, it does not have much of a correlation” said Marc Faber. He believes that the commodity has bottomed out. 

Marc Faber’s outlook for commodities is not upbeat

Outside precious metals Marc Faber said most of the commodities do not have a structural bull market. The commodity supercycle could be well in the rear mirror. 

Gold is not an industrial commodity and it does not depend on demand from China


Marc Faber’s outlook concerning the ongoing US-Chian trade war is somewhat bearish

“No one is a winner in the trade war and investors need to pay attention to worsening geopolitical tensions” he said. 

Good investing is about a good time, according to Marc Faber.

“Timing is very important if you invest in commodities” Marc Faber said and added that he is also bullish on agricultural commodities including soybean, corn, wheat, and coffee. 

Trade war will hinder economic growth” – Marc Faber

Marc Faber’s outlook for China is upbeat in the long run

Despite the US_china trade war, Marc Faber believes that China will emerge stronger.

“Trade war will hinder economic growth” he said. But in the long-run trade tension will be “favorable for China.” It will strengthen trade along the new Silk Road and accelerate the de-dollarisation as global trading partners look towards another global interface currency to conduct their trade. 

Marc Faber points to India and China are argues that the two of the world’s most populous countries would grow with a proviso of peace. 

Conflictive conditions are negative for markets, according to Marc Faber’s outlook 

He highlighted that war-like conditions have always ended very badly for financial markets because they lead to a lot of defaults, which has the potential of spreading.

Marc Faber’s outlook concerning the secular bull run in USD is that it has ended

19 other central banks have already cut policy rates. With the Fed cutting rates, Faber expects the US dollar to be weaker over the next two years.


Dan Loeb targets Sony. Dan Loeb is an activist investor and founder of Third Point, which oversees about $14.5 billion in assets.

Last year the activist investor viewed Campbell soup as a bargain when Third point reported that the soup maker could fetch a takeover value of $52 to $58 per share.

A year later and the activist investor Dan Loeb targets Sony

Dan Loeb's activist hedge fund Third Point is raising an investment vehicle to generate between $500 million and $1 billion so it can continue to buy Sony shares, according to a recent report in Reuters.