Martin Armstrong sees global war dead ahead. 

“In my lifetime, I have never witnessed administrations in the US and Europe where nobody is interested in peace,” he said. 

“This whole thing with Ukraine has been orchestrated from the beginning. Merkel was supposedly negotiating over the Minsk Agreement, and they never honoured it.” “I don’t know whether she had too much to drink, and then she came out and said we never intended to honour it, it was to buy time for Ukraine to build an army,” he said.  

“So from the beginning, this has all been about creating a war,” he said. 

“In my lifetime, I have never witnessed administrations in the US and Europe where nobody is interested in peace”


Capital flows on the radar as Martin Armstrong sees global war 

Over the years, I began to realise that if someone is going to launch an attack, you pick it up in the capital flows. They start moving their money in advance. In 911, they started looking for people who bought puts a few days before the attack,” he said. 

Regarding the October Hamas attack, Martin Armstrong noted some people buying stocks in defence stocks a few days before. “They knew what was coming,” he said. “Even Egypt came out and said there are a thousand people on your border, and they are going to go in,” he added. 

“For forty years, I have been advising central banks and governments. I have been warning them that you can’t continue borrowing year after year with no intention of paying back. The excuse I got was that they are different because they are the government,” he said.

Martin Armstrong sees global war to justify a debt restructuring and a new currency

Martin Armstrong thinks they want war to stage a Bretton Woods 2, launch a new currency, and default on all the debts. 

“They are not going to default on domestic debt like social security. You would see millions of people on the Hill with pitchforks,” he said. 

“They will probably default on the debt of anyone who holds debt outside the country who is an enemy. China is the largest holder of US debt. Our real problem here is POTUS, who is not mediating” he said. He believes this lack of coordination is leading to poor policy decisions.  

“In 911, they started looking for people who bought puts a few days before the attack”


Martin Armstrong sees global war based on information from his sources

“My sources are saying they are trying to escalate it as fast as possible,” he said. 

Regretfully, I believe this could be true. Calamity in the bond market in 2023 collapsed five known banks. The system can’t handle rate hikes, and inflation continues to collapse living standards. Policymakers could be facing a stark choice of a financial meltdown and a civil uprising off with their head revolution or WW3, and the puppet masters and their compromised puppets could have decided the latter.  What do they know? The World’s billionaires are building bunkers and assembling fortresses outside their mansions.

All the data points to a big war coming.  

“NATO has just launched the largest military exercise in the history of NATO”
Martin Armstrong

“NATO has just launched the largest military exercise in the history of NATO,” he said.  “There are no military exercises, only WW3 disguises, Canadian Prepper.   

“Nobody wants peace, and you have to ask, why?” he added.  

I know some of these Neocons. This is not a Republican-Democrat issue. Neocons go wherever they can to create war. 

“Bill Kristol wrote a book justifying going into Iraq using 911 as an excuse. Sadam Hussan had nothing to do with 911,” he said.   

“Russia is probably the wealthiest nation in the world from a natural resources perspective. They have energy, food commodities, platinum, precious stones, and precious metals. Russia had the largest gold reserves on earth in 1970. When the communist revolution came, they hid the reserves. Nobody has seen them since.  

Neocons are angry that communists fell, and they didn’t get to shoot anybody,” he said.

“They are in charge because we have the weakest president in history,” said Martin Armstrong 

He thinks bringing back sound money without changing the political system will achieve nothing. Bretton Woods collapsed due to public spending, which needed a money supply to expand. 

“A 3-year-old with a pocket calculator could figure out that this is going bust,” he said. 

He noted that Powell’s admission that the level of public spending is unsustainable highlights the pressure that is building. 

“We are now looking at a deficit of 2 trillion dollars for a single year with interest payments on the total debt at 1 trillion,” he said. 

“Smart money is already moving from government to private”
Martin Armstrong

How to invest Martin as Armstrong sees global war

Geopolitics and war drives the price of gold.

“War is an inflationary threat to China, and China stops buying debt and interest rates rise,” he said.  

“Smart money is already moving from government to private, which is why the stock market is moving up, and real estate. 

You got a lot of smart money moving out of bank deposits. Confidence in government is declining rapidly. War will be a straw that breaks the camel’s back.

You are looking at anything that is tangible, gold coins, rare stamps, antique cars,” Effectively, you are looking for that shift from public to private,” he said.  

“The amount of money in government bonds to equities is about 10 to 1. So it doesn’t take much of a shift to make stocks take off,” he added 

He thinks the US is in the best shape.

Take a look at Europe. It is a basket case, and Japan, with a negative interest rate, is still in trouble. 

In the end, the stock market will go up with gold.

He is not an advocate of green investing and thinks fossil fuels are good contrarian investments, particularly when war starts.  

Metals do well in wartime, copper, nickel and silver.

He believes the war in the Middle East, Europe and Asia is starting to trigger capital flights into US and dollar-denominated assets, a trend likely to accelerate as the war worsens. He believes central banks will issue CBCs to control capital flights.