Mike Novogratz explains crypto recovery in his latest business interview, where he zeros in on what is driving the two trillion dollar cryptocurrency market.

“Wealth fell $6tr in the first quarter. That was just stocks and bonds,” tweeted Mike Novogratz, on March 31.

“All the selling in fixed income money has got to go somewhere. We certainly see increased adoption in crypto,” said Mike Novogratz.

“Janet Yellen pivoted and was much more friendly to crypto. Politicians listen to their constituents and get to the president. I am getting calls from senators asking me to explain them crypto,” said Mike Novogratz.

All the selling in fixed income money has got to go somewhere. We certainly see increased adoption in crypto


Favorable legislation is part of Mike Novogratz’s crypto recovery thesis

“Popularity of cryptocurrency means democrats politicians will take a softer stance,” he said.

Similarly, favorable legislation is also happening in the EU with the Crypto Asset Bill (MiCA) which recognized the importance of Proof of Work blockchain networks for smart contracts. 

Concerning US legislation, Mike Novogratz was relieved that far-left leaning Senator Elizabeth Warren or SEC Chair Garry Genzler in charge of cryptocurrency policy did not poison the favorable US legislation. 

Mike Novogratz explains crypto recovery as partly due to the wider adoption of cryptocurrencies

“States saying they will take taxes, countries you know participating, sovereign wealth funds getting involved, pension funds getting involved,” said Mike Novogratz. 

“We are still early in this adoption cycle, and I am much more optimistic than I was six or seven weeks ago,” he added.

He thinks that we are within a year of crypto-regulated ETF but acknowledges that the process with the SEC has been slow.

“I am hoping within the year. I am not optimistic that anything will happen soon,” he said.

Popularity of cryptocurrency means democrats politicians will take a softer stance


Mike Novogratz cited congressional gridlock for the delays in a regulated cryptocurrencies ETF.

“It does feel that things are moving in the right direction, albeit slowly,” he said. 

“I don’t think Bitcoin will be a currency, it will be a store of value. Ethereum is already trading like a currency,” added Mike Novogratz. “It is like currency, and it’s the currency of culture where people buy NFT, they say how much ETH will it cost,” he added. 

The crux of Mike Novogratz crypto recovery thesis is the diminishing returns of an exhausted fiat debt system

So an ever-increasing amount of debt, through the expansion of the money supply is creating less economic growth, debasing the currency, and destroying wealth. 

Mike Novogratz thinks that cryptocurrencies will gain momentum as trust begins breaking down. 

“If Jay Powell and Janet Yellen can get our economy back to 2% inflation and have our debt come back because our growth is so high and we go from 140% of GDP to 70%, Americans will not have to buy Bitcoin,” said Mike Novogratz 

“I think we are going to have worlds opting for communities. There are more people who own Bitcoin that live in Russia, the largest country in the world by participants. They freely opted in and said we believe in this ethos, which is a hard money way to store wealth,” he said.

Senator Warren is thinking about it wrong. The little guy, the worker, uses it to protect his wealth” – Mike Novogratz

Mike Novogratz explains crypto recovery as a people’s liferaft and he rejects the view that cryptocurrencies are being used by State actors to circumvent sanctions

“State actors can not use Bitcoin to evade sanctions. Bitcoin operates on a public blockchain. All the three security agencies have security looking at these things,” he said.

“Senator Warren is thinking about it wrong. The little guy, the worker, uses it to protect his wealth,” he said.

The Truth Is, Bitcoin Is How Many Young People Will Be Able to Afford a Home

Crypto isn’t gambling. For many like me, it’s hope.

Property ownership and getting on the property ladder are the cornerstone of capitalism. Those readers in their mid-forties and fifty will remember such a thing as a savings deposit account where the bank paid interest on savings above inflation. Young people, the next generation of property owners, are battling low wages, poor job prospects, and the spiraling cost of living. Those lucky enough to save are seeing their deposits eroded by currency debasement. 

Cryptocurrencies provide hope to want to be first home buyers to accumulate adequate savings as a deposit to become property owners. 

The outcome of killing that hope is Cuba’s former grand buildings now crumbling from lack of investment and maintenance. A prosperous and harmonious system will facilitate the coming generation to own their roof, the alternative is slums streets, slum nations, and class wars. 

“bitcoin provides a great alternative for people to store their money”
Mike Novogratz

Cryptocurrency is the millennial generation’s preference to gold and their hope to build a future.

Moreover, the cryptocurrency community is young and globally united, with people from every corner of the world coming together to build a better future.

“If you are in Russian, you feel pretty stupid having all your money in Ruble, or if you are in Turkey pretty have it all in Turkish Lira.

So when there are bad storages in economies and our store has not been great, make no bones about it, bitcoin provides a great alternative for people to store their money,” he said. 

Mike Novogratz breaks down crypto recovery, due to wealth protection against all fiat currencies which eventually go to zero value

But a people’s liferaft doesn’t jive with WEF elite vision of Marxism with the population at the mercy of the State, where the population owns nothing, is under the State’s thumb. Perhaps the wealth grab of the oligarchy is just the beginning and will filter down the food chain. Only members of the Nomenclature, party members, are allowed to live in splendor. Anyone who steps out of line and Canada’s freedom convoy could be the blueprint of how dissent will be suppressed, with assets seized and bank accounts frozen.

Mike Novogratz explains crypto recovery as a beacon of hope  energized

“We have to flip that narrative. The young in congress are saying, why are we listening to all these old people,” he said.

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