Alan Howard (September 11, 1963) is a British hedge fund manager. He is a co-founder of Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP and a former director of the Conservative Friends of Israel.

Alan Howard has a personal net worth of 1.35 billion USD (Forbes 2018) and he is amongst the 40 highest-earning hedge fund managers (Forbes 2013).

He was born in England to a Jewish family. He attended Hasmonean Grammar School, Hendon London.

Alan Howard earned a master’s degree from the Imperial College London. He then began his financial career at Salomon Brothers working in the ECU euro bond market.

Alan Howard served on the New York Federal Reserve’s investor advisory committee on financial markets. He also advises New York Federal Reserve officials on economic policy.

Alan Howard founded Charitable Foundation which contributes to charities that aim to support Israel and other Jewish causes. His charitable foundation also supports homeless charities.

In 2010, Alan Howard moved from London to Geneva, Switzerland. Five years later, he purchased a $14.5 million condo in Miami, Florida.

Alan Howard then founded The Alan Howard Foundation / JW3 Speaker Series which picks interesting topics and gets the best people in the world to talk about them with the aim of contributing to the intellectual vibrancy of London.

Last year, Alan Howard launched a new fund. The Brevan Howard AH Fund LP would be solely managed by the billionaire.

Alan Howard is co-founder of Brevan Howard Asset Management LLP, with a personal net worth of 1.35 billion USD (Forbes 2018)


Alan Howard is a global macro fund manager. His fund takes long and short positions in various equity, fixed income, currency, commodities, and futures markets. His investment decisions are based primarily on the overall economic and political views of various countries, or their macroeconomic principles.

Alan Howard’s new fund aims to profit from expectations of higher or more volatile interest rates. Investors are returning to bet that a normalization of interest rates will boost trading opportunities for hedge funds.

Alan Howard’s fund uses machine-learning algorithms.

There is a current debate about whether hedge funds can really be suitable investment vehicles for pension funds which manage the hard-earned nest eggs of firefighters, teachers and policeman, mechanics etc. Soaring government deficit, dismal returns on cash deposit accounts and miserable yields on bonds (when you factor in currency risk) combined with a rapidly aging population and you can understand why a solution to funding tomorrows pensioners is needed.

But many hedge funds including Alan Howard’s are facing redemptions.
Hedge funds to the rescue?

A global alternative asset manager – Alan Howard (describing his company)


Brevan Howard was among the largest “macro funds” in the world. Macro funds bet on bonds, currencies and other assets in concordance with macroeconomic shifts in financial markets.

Alan Howard’s talents are in the macroeconomic arena. He correctly predicted interest rate and currency movements during the run-up to 2007 and 2008. Howard describes his company as “a global alternative asset manager” with offices in St. Helier, London, Geneva, New York, Hong Kong, Tel Aviv and Washington, D.C.

But the world of hedge fund money managers is typically low profile and somewhat secretive. Knowledge isn’t shared outside this clicky circle of financial elites. He “prefers to have a low profile. That’s just the way we are”.

…prefer to have a low profile. That’s just the way we are – Alan Howard (talking about his company)


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