John Overdeck is a US hedge fund manager with a net worth of US$4.8 billion (May 2017).

John Overdeck is ranked 9th Highest-Earning Hedge Fund Managers, according to Forbes.

He is the co-founder and co-chairman of Two Sigma Investments, a New York City-based hedge fund with $41 billion in assets under management as of May 2017. In 2016, Overdeck reported $375 million in earnings

John Overdeck is a maths prodigy. He received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics and master’s degree in statistics from Stanford University. In 1986, he was an International Mathematics Olympiad silver medalist

Prior to co-founding Two Sigma Investments, John Overdeck was a Managing Director at D.E. Shaw & Co. and Vice President at

John Overdeck founded Two Sigma Investments in 2001 with David Siegel and Mark Pickard. The main office is in New York City with branch offices in Houston, London, and Hong Kong.

Overdeck is Vice Chair of the National Museum of Mathematics, director of the Robin Hood Foundation and the Institute for Advanced Study, and a board member of the Hamilton Insurance Group.

John Overdeck is co-founder and co-chairman of Two Sigma Investments, a New York City-based hedge fund with $41 billion in assets under management as of May 2017


John Overdeck has built a quantitative trading powerhouse that is the fastest growing hedge fund in the business. He runs a data-driven hedge fund which takes a massive amount of information to predict the prices of securities ranging from stocks to futures contracts. His trading algorithms use a variety of technological methods, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, and distributed computing, for its trading strategies.

I’m certainly not setting out to become a mathematics professor – John Overdeck (16 yrs old)


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I don’t see that as fulfilling, sitting there writing papers all your life. But mathematics applies to all branches of science, computers and economics . . . . I like math, but I want to make it do something – John Overdeck (16 yrs old)


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